Event Photos

UCSD Student Encampment Shabbat 05/03

Kites for Palestine

Library Screening “1948” Dec 2023

Hanukka Balboa Park Dec 2023

Rep Mike Levin Action Dec 2023

Rep Sara Jacobs Action Nov 2023

Gaza Rally Oct 2023

Mission Trails Hike Feb 2023

Prof. Gary Fields Feb 2019

Rep Juan Vargas Action March 2019

Prof Gary Fields & Author Smader Lavie Book Talk May 2019 & Abby Martin Film Screening “Gaza Fights for Freedom” Dec 2019

RENT-A-TRUCK March 2015

Malcolm X Library Screening March 2014

Stand With Us Rally/Counter Demonstration March 2014

JVPSD and JVPLA booth – Calif Social Studies Teachers’ Conf. March 2014

Reform Judiaism Conf. Dec 2013