Speak on Zoom: Teach Accurate History at San Diego Unified

How to give public comment

The Board Zoom meeting will start at 5pm on Tue, 10/26 

1) Register to attend Board Meeting:  https://sandiegounified.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JY3q932xSgew7l0rz8qT_g

2) Click yes to providing public testimony. List F.3. for the Agenda Item Number.  Click the “Oppose” button. See below:

3) The link to join the meeting will come up immediately after you register.  Put it in your calendar and log in at 5 PM Tuesday (10/26) and be ready to speak in opposition of a politicized and narrow definition of antisemitism when the Board gets to Agenda Item F.3. which may take over an hour.  Listen for your name.  

When your name is called, you will be allowed to speak. Please unmute yourself at that time. If you hear your name called and are unable to unmute yourself, they will call the next speaker. Once all speakers have been called for the item your name will be called again; please unmute yourself. District staff does not have the ability to access a personal device to unmute a speaker.

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